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Description :

KPTU are my programming tools written in Free Pascal and dedicated especially for being used in Ubuntu. Over the years of programming for Ubuntu I have written quite a bit of tools that help me automating various aspects of my programming. Now I want to start gradually publishing them as open source for others to use.

My goal is to encourage the community of Free Pascal and Lazarus programmers around the world to create more software for Ubuntu. I hope that with my tools they can create projects faster.

If you are not interested in Free Pascal you may still use my tools if you want, but the way they were designed was always with Free Pascal programmers in mind, and I do not promise any support in a case when you want to use them for your programming with other languages. Unless off course I have free time or an incentive do do so.



Programme Outil KrisCode pour Ubuntu est exclusivement un outil pour Ubuntu avec un paquet Debian.

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12 Oct 2020
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1 Mo
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CC by Sa 4
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To see
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12 Oct 2020
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